What Harvey Weinstein Taught Me About Nursing

I’ve never met the Harvey Weinstein. As a woman, I guess throughout my life I have met many Harvey’s, some worse than others.

All of the recent allegations against Harvey Weinstein have reminded me of a valuable lesson about women, but surprisingly, also about nursing. The nurses that make up our profession have historically been silent, bound by law and bound by a false sense of isolation. The fear that gags us is real and threatening. It has the ability to blur ethical lines, guide us to passively look the other way, or even worse, become complacent. As a woman, I think about how hard I try to raise my children to be strong and unafraid of their voice. Harvey Weinstein taught me something that every nurse already knows, but needs to constantly be reminded of…silence should never be a condition of your employment.

Any nurse can reflect back on times throughout their career and recall events where they shouldn’t have stayed silent, where they should have spoke up. We can all reflect back and recall events where we didn’t stay silent, where we fought for our patient, or fought for what we believed to be right for ourselves or our coworkers. But every single nurse can remember a time when their voice was stifled, suppressed, smothered by someone around us or by the overwhelming fear that lurks within.

I don’t agree with this decision. Is this the wrong decision? I don’t know if I should say something. This has happened so many times before. No one else is making a fuss about it. I don’t want to be labeled as difficult. I can’t lose my job.

If you’re a nurse, you will constantly find yourself in situations where you question whether silence is a condition of your employment. I’m reminding you here, I’m reminding you right now that you always choose to speak up. Remember, if you are fighting for yourself, your profession, or our patients—always chose to use.your.voice. The path may not be easily paved, the battle may not be short or easily won, but it is our love for this profession that should give us the strength to make the right decisions. Do not ever let fear stifle any words inside of you. Use the strength you know to be buried within you to find your voice every single time you know you must speak up. And most importantly, do not ever let the false perception of isolation fool you. You are not alone, and never have been. ?

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