Top 11 Qualities of Everyone’s Favorite Nurse

We can ALL name our favorite nurse! I’m lucky that I have more than one ? 


1. They work. Everyone’s favorite nurse is not scared to work. They’ll lend an extra hand when they can, and they’re always willing to help when you’re drowning. They aren’t those people you can’t find when it’s time to turn over a patient.

2. They don’t play favorites. These nurses never let on which nurses they like working with. They’re fair, and they don’t give preferential treatment.

3. They don’t freak out. Everyone’s favorite nurse doesn’t freak out when the shit hits the fan or when the unit is drowning in patients. They take it one minute at a time, staying cool, calm and collected.

4. They know what to do in an emergency. They have everything under control, even if your heart is pounding in your ears.

5. They’re willing to guide you. When you need advice, you can always come to these nurses and they’ll always listen with a patient ear. They want to see you grow.

6. They help you when you’re drowning. Everyone’s favorite nurse will help you when you don’t know which way you’re going. Whether it’s turning off a call-light or medicating one of your patients, these nurses will give you a much-needed chance to catch your breath.


7. They’re never moody. Everyone loves a nurse that is not moody. When you don’t know what to expect, it makes everyone’s day more difficult. These nurses are always professional, they never let their personal lives interfere with work.

8. They’re consistent. You never have to wonder what kind of mood they’re in. They’re always consistently the same. It’s so reassuring when you know what to expect.

9. The physicians and midwives respect them. And they listen to their recommendations, which has come in handy more than once!

10. When they speak, people listen. And then they do what they’re told.

11. They know their stuff. These nurses never practice with outdated information. They don’t give you old information and if you have a question they’re always able to give you an accurate answer, make sure you understood it, or help you look it up if neither of you know.


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One thought on “Top 11 Qualities of Everyone’s Favorite Nurse

  • April 5, 2017 at 10:37 pm

    They don’t talk behind your back.


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