Things Every New Mom Wants to Hear

Let me hold your baby.  If you are within arms reach of a new mom holding her baby— and you know her 😃 — for the love of God, offer to hold her baby! You know those little people want 24 hours of attention. Give her 2 minutes of peace and give her arms a break.  Coo and rock that baby and then give her back her little bundle of joy sound asleep.

Can I watch your other kids?  People act like it’s natural for a woman to want to give every ounce of energy to every other person in the house. Moms need a break too! If you can’t take her baby because it’s too new, or because she’s breastfeeding, or because it doesn’t “like” anyone other than mom, throw her a bone and at least watch her other kids.


My baby cried all the time too. Please do not be that person that tells a new mom that your baby never cried, not even when wet. I always wanted to punch those people in the face when I thought about my own baby, who cried every time the pacifier fell out of his mouth 😞

You look fantastic!  I don’t care if her hair is disheveled. I don’t care if she doesn’t have on makeup. I don’t even care if she still looks pregnant—tell her she looks pretty and find a way to mean it.

I’m bringing you dinner.  If you don’t cook, or just aren’t a very good one, buy something that reheats well, like lasagna or fajitas. Hell, and if she has other children, throw in a package of hot dogs and buns and a few boxes of macaroni and cheese.  One thing’s for sure…this new mom will not have time to deal with any other picky eaters in the house.  And why you’re at it, throw in a cupcake or two, preferably carrot cake. I’ve never met a kid that likes those, and I’ve never met a mom who doesn’t 😃 Score!

What kind of snacks do you like? If she’s reluctant to disclose what she likes, just buy a bunch of granola bars, nuts, fruit, and instant oatmeal.  I mean, who doesn’t like maple and brown sugar?! Get snacks that are healthy (or at least semi-healthy) and easy to grab and go with.

Let me feed the baby (and your other kids) while you take a long bath.  Push her through the bathroom door with a bag of Epsom salt and tell her not to reemerge until her kids mistake her for a prune….

Do you need to get out of the house—alone?! Throw her a life raft. A little fresh air is good for everyone, and so is a little alone time. Even if she just needs to go to the grocery story alone, without trying to lug a baby around or dodge extra items thrown in her cart by her other kids.

It will get easier.  Just lie. No need to tell her it gets worse when they start to crawl :/

Except this baby. This baby is so beautiful, big head and all.
Except this baby ❤ This baby is so beautiful, big bald head and all.

Your baby is so beautiful.  Most babies look a little odd at first. Their noses are usually disproportionate to their face, their head is too big for their body, and their skin is prone to rashes. But focus on their lips or eyes and throw in a “your baby looks just like you!”

It’s okay to have a drink. People act like a woman with a baby on her hip still has that baby in her belly. New moms can have a drink or two once that baby is no longer inside of them!  Bring her a bottle of wine and hold her baby while she drinks a glass 😉

Until my next delivery ❤

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