Spotlight for Everyone: Taking a Flight? Check out Seat Guru! @travelocity

I honestly love to fly. I think it’s awesome to be able to shop, drink, and eat any time of the day. There’s something about being on an airplane that puts me to sleep. But as seats get smaller, amenities are hit or or miss, and airline crews can be inconsistent (or more so, consistently rude), it’s hard to guarantee you’ll have a nice flight…which is super annoying, since we basically have to pay an arm and a leg for the privilege to fly.  But once I found this site, it made all the difference in the world!

It takes a little extra work, but when you’re booking a flight, make note of what aircraft you’re flying on. Then look up the carrier on Seat Guru before purchasing your tickets. Or check out Seat Guru and try to pick the aircraft you want to fly on before picking a flight. You get the idea! You can see how wide the seats are and what amenities are offered on the plane. When plane tickets are so expensive, it’s nice to have an insider’s guide to help get your money’s worth.

Seat Guru

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