Skin-to-Skin Contact – Quiz for Staff

Newborn baby girl

Week 1 – Skin-to-Skin Contact –

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Each week in the month of June, I’m going to make a 2-3 question “quiz” related to breastfeeding. All of this is for our baby friendly dream…

If there’s ONE thing you do, it should be to encourage your patients to utilize skin-to-skin contact, especially immediately after delivery.  But even if you’re a mother-baby nurse, a postpartum nurse, a NICU nurse, or a nursery nurse, you should be encouraging your moms to put their baby skin-to-skin.  This is something you can do right now!  You don’t need a doctor’s order, it’s easy to implement, and it has a major impact….you get so much bang for your buck 😃

Until my next delivery ❤

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