Old-Time Beef Stew

Here in Texas, we’re still wearing flip flops and shorts, so the other day I made this recipe of beef stew to help bring on fall! I used cheap chuck roast for the recipe (because that’s just what we do in Texas), and I also did it all in a slow cooker (because that’s just what we do when we work). If you’re looking for a classic beef stew recipe, you will not be disappointed with this one. 

☞  I usually add red potatoes, scrubbed clean and cut in half.  I never peel potatoes…seriously, who has time for that?

☞  I cook this in a slow cooker, I cook it for at least 6 hours on slow. When I cook this in a dutch oven, I simmer for 3-4 hours on low, until the beef falls apart with a fork.

Old-Time Beef Stew

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