Nursing is Like a Roller Coaster

Nursing kind of reminds me of a roller coaster… You start off just trying to find one to get on.  Which line is the shortest (how many people are applying)? Are you tall enough (do you have  any experience)? And when you finally find one that you’re able to ride, you buckle up and hold  on for dear life.  ….and try to enjoy the ride 😉

We don’t want a ride that’s too bumpy – We don’t want to upset our patients, their families, our coworkers, management, or the providers we work with. We are constantly trying to please everyone, and we dance around 30 different personalities in any given shift. No wonder we’re tired by the time we get home!
The ride’s always better when you’re sitting in the front – You don’t get anywhere by sitting in the back. Sometimes you have to lead the way…heache 2

You often leave with a headache – Long hours, stress, and constantly trying to please everyone while still trying to do your best work is a cocktail for chronic headaches.

Your adrenaline will pump – We are often put in life-or-death situations, which pounds blood through our veins, quickens our steps, and makes our heart pound in our ears. But it can be a little addicting, and it keeps us coming back for more.

everything hurts

Sometimes work makes you feel sick – Maybe it’s a bad patient, or a bad outcome, or maybe it’s a bad mistake… but sometimes, we leave work just wanting to throw up.
You can’t always stop to eat or go to the bathroom – Some days, we don’t get to eat. We frequently delay going to the bathroom until we complete just one more (never ending) task.

You can sometimes see the bottom is about to drop – Sometimes we see it coming… the bottom is going to drop out beneath us. We may feel as if we’re freefalling and heading toward rock bottom, but surprisingly we keep getting back up. 


We sometimes feel jerked around – Oh, there’s one more thing we’re supposed to chart? One more online module we’re supposed to do? Another committee you want us to join? Our CPR is about to expire? Touché. You win, management… this time!

You hope you haven’t gotten hurt by the end of the ride – Try to find a nurse that doesn’t have Motrin close by. It will be a hard task to accomplish. It may be our backs, it may be our knees, it might be a shoulders. It’s hard to escape nursing without injury. 

It matters who you’re sitting next to – One thing is for sure, whoever you share the ride with makes it all worth it. Some days you love them and some days you hate them, but your coworkers become a part of your family. They always make the ride more enjoyable, and you don’t know how you’d do it without them. A good team makes all the difference in the world. The next time you’re at work, look at the people around you. I hope you’re all having the ride of your life!

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One thought on “Nursing is Like a Roller Coaster

  • April 8, 2016 at 7:18 am

    As a L&D nurse & lactation consultant I totally thought this was going to be an article about breastfeeding!! Lol!!! It was a great article about our profession though, thanks!!!


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