In the News: My Horrible Pregnancy Ruined My First Year As A Mom @romper

As someone who had a complicated pregnancy, I can’t imagine what this woman went through…

My Horrible Pregnancy Ruined My First Year As A Mom

Until my next delivery ❤

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  • April 18, 2016 at 3:34 am

    As an OB nurse x 22 years (L&D x 21) and then Critical Care unit another 20+, I have seen many losses and bad things of all kinds. Including many younger OB nurses likely will never see, as I worked long before prenatal testing and US were used. I really feel for this woman. A horribly similar thing happened to daughter of friends. Lost one twin early in pregnancy. Followed closely entire pregnancy. One day realized she wasn’t really feeling much movement. Yes, the unthinkable happened. The remaining twin was a term stillborn, lost between weekly OB checks. My friends’ daughter did go on to have two more healthy children, thankfully. The woman in the aforementioned article – I very much hope she is getting care from mental health practitioners. Not only for her own peace of mind, but for the future of her living child and for her child’s father. I say this as a grown woman (grandmother now!) who grew up with an overprotective, smothering mother who felt she needed to run every aspect of my life, even when I was a teen, a married woman, a mother. She had a full term stillborn boy when I was under two. My parents’ marriage was always unhappy and I believe it was fallout from that lost child. I never even knew about until I was almost out of HS, found out accidentally. We ended up estranged; she refused to acknowledge her behavior (I even offered to fly 1000 miles to see a mental health practitioner with her, she refused.), and was always unhappy, everything wrong was everyone else’s fault. Please, please, I beg this author, get help! Do not let one thing control the rest of your life! Good luck and I wish you the blessings you deserve.


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