If I take care of you under any circumstance, I pray that I provide you with compassionate care <3

At 21 weeks, I was told my son had a massive fetal brain bleed. At 22 weeks, genetic testing came back. At 24 weeks, we had a repeat fetal MRI to tell us if the bleed had subsided or gotten bigger. I cried every single hour of every single day wondering if it was fair to ask our daughter to care for him if something happened to us ?

? As a healthcare provider, I do my best not to judge the decisions of other women. It’s easy for people to say that we have the best NICUs in the world, NICUs that can care for extremely sick babies…but that’s if you’re lucky enough to be close to a facility that has those capabilities, and that’s assuming the parents WANT that responsibility. Before you tower above others, looking down and casting your judgments and condemnations, please PRAY. Everyone in these situations are trying to make the best decision for their family.

I am proud to be a labor and delivery nurse ♥️ I specialize in Maternal Fetal Medicine, and work for a Level 4 maternity hospital, a hospital that takes care of some of the sickest moms and babies in the world. I can tell you that these decisions do not come easy for anyone, and are difficult for everyone involved.

Regardless of my own personal beliefs, my job as a nurse is to provide compassionate care. Honestly, it breaks my heart knowing that there is a possibility that families who are faced with such decisions are cared for by people who are lucky enough to be in a position where they can easily pass judgement ? If you are passionate about anything, I urge you to fight for legislation supporting WHATEVER your beliefs are.

This is not meant to be pro or anti anything. I’m very grateful we live in a country where people can voice their opinions ?


Until my next delivery ❤

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