Go the Extra Mile for Mom

When you’re trying to think of something special to do for a mom, you need to do something, and then do something else.

Do something extra.

Do something that you don’t typically do, a chore or a task that your partner typically takes care of. Then, do that! Maybe your wife always gets up with the kids. Maybe she always packs their lunch. Maybe she picks them up from school or drops them off at daycare. Give her back an extra 30 minutes of her day to do whatever it is she wants to do. Trust me, she’ll appreciate it 😉

Brilliant ideas:

  • Steal her mobile phone and take a picture of a sweet message you just scribble on a piece of paper.  Let her find that all on her own 😃
  • If she goes upstairs or out of sight, jet off with all the kids without saying anything. Just leave a note and let her know you’ll be back in an hour or so—and instruct her to make the most of it.
  • If you are certain she doesn’t have anything pressing the morning of Mother’s Day, silence her alarm and let her sleep in.
  • If you don’t normally do it, cook dinner. Here’s a no-fail recipe that even my husband can make: Lemon Chicken.
  •  For the love of God already, HIRE SOMEONE TO CLEAN. Even if it’s just one time, she will appreciate it. And you will love it so much you’ll ask the housekeeper to move in (true story).
  • Tell her to go out with her girlfriends. Even before the kids are in bed.
  • Think of what you hear your partner frequently say, and see if you can decipher and address what she’s actually talking about. I use to always complain that it was cold, but when my husband would ask if I wanted him to turn off our ceiling fan, I’d say no. One of the most thoughtful gifts I’ve ever gotten from him was a heating blanket.

Until my next delivery ❤

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