Featured Product for Nursing Students: Nursing Student Tool Kit

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This tool kit has a ton of information included. It would make a great gift for any nursing student (and I should know, I teach Foundations of Nursing)!

Cheatsheets Included:

  • Pharmacology (50 Most Prescribed Meds, Injections Sites, Math for Meds, Insulin Times, Therapeutic Drug Levels, Disease Specific Medications)
  • Cardiac (Hemodynamics Chart, Heart Failure, Cardiac Labs, EKG Interpretation, Wiggers Diagram) Nursing Mnemonics ( Dozens of Mnemonics Organized by Anatomical Category)
  • Clinical Essentials (Lab Values, Glasgow Coma Scale, Burn Assessment, Pressure Ulcer Assessment, ICU Drip Rates, Medications Antidotes, Cranial Nerves, More)

And much, much more. For more information, click here.


Until my next delivery ❤

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