Featured Product for Babies: Spacesaver High Chair


A highchair that doesn’t take up any extra room in your house!


I kind of just hate high chairs. It doesn’t matter how much they cost or what they look like—I’ve had traditional ones and “modern” ones, they ALL scream “a baby rules this house!”  I just don’t need a single other item cluttering up my kitchen (or my house, for that matter).

This nifty little highchair attaches to the chair you already have. It works with fabric chairs as well. The seat can also be tilted back for babies, or sat upright for bigger kids. It’s super easy to clean, and even my husband could put the fabric back on when I would take it off to throw it in the washing machine.

The tray is optional, meaning the seat can also be used later as a booster 😃 I LOVE things that I can use for extended periods of time!

For more information click here.


Until my next delivery ❤

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