Diary of a Labor and Delivery Nurse – Do Not Question Your Worth

Today my mom got angry with me. I kind of deserved it, but it made me feel so bad anyway. Wondering why it upset me so much, I realized that for as long as I’ve been a nurse I’ve constantly let people down. I’m relentlessly bombarded with things I didn’t do, things I could have/should have done differently. Half the time I would bet a kidney that my boss hates me, even though all I do is try to prove my worth to my leadership team. It’s hard being a nurse when you feel like no one values the work you do.

But I guess tonight, my wine wisdom says SCREW IT. I guess my wine wisdom says just keep moving forward—because after all, what other option do we have? And at least today, today I can say that my patients thanked me. My patients were grateful. And even if they weren’t, I know deep down that I did the best I could. At least I can say that today.

So tonight, half tipsy on two glasses of 14%, I say tomorrow is another day! And even if I look around and feel like no one knows my worth, at least I can remind myself that that’s their problem and not mine.  Nurses, do not ever question your worth. As long as you keep trying to be better, tomorrow is always a new day 😃

Until my next delivery ❤

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