Diary of a Labor and Delivery Nurse: Home is a Different Kind of Work

I literally just spent at least 30 minutes listening to my toddler cry because I make him eat every day. I secretly counted down the minutes until bedtime, even though I KNEW he would just cry again when I told him he would have to brush his teeth (as if we haven’t been doing THAT every night for at least the past three years). Even though I’m not 100% sure I even touched anything other than two of his front teeth, he then proceeded to cry hysterically and gag until he threw up everywhere. On the way down the stairs to get cleaning supplies, I stepped on the smallest Lego imaginable, which hurt like hell. I found an empty bottle of bleach under my sink, which was piled high with dirty dishes, even though I know I spent the majority of my day washing them.

As I scrubbed the tile floor in the bathroom with vinegar and lemon (thank you Google), I reflected on how hard parenthood is, and how we totally don’t get paid for this. I know tomorrow morning I will wake up and savor cuddling with my son’s tiny little toddler body. First thing in the morning, I won’t remember the countless tears and toddler tantrums from today. Tomorrow, we will wake up with a clean slate. Until then though, I will sip this glass of wine and fight sleep to savor every single minute of quiet time and wonder how HE never steps on any of those Legos. I pray to God to give me strength to handle another day off tomorrow with dishes and tantrums and hopefully, with better eyesight. I’m thankful that this stage doesn’t last forever, and I constantly remind myself that it will be over in a blink of an eye. I’m thankful that 8pm eventually comes around every night, that he finally sleeps through the night, and that Cabernet is $8 a bottle and comes with a screw top. Oh, and I’m so very thankful my daughter is eleven…

Until my next delivery ❤

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