A Woman’s Rights in Labor and Delivery


My husband typically takes two showers a day.  When he got sick with abdominal issues, he was admitted to the hospital and was there for a week.  On the third day, I noticed that he looked very uncomfortable. When I got close to him, I noticed that he smelled bad and his hair looked greasy.  I told him that he looked dirty and he irritated, he said he hadn’t been able to take a shower. I asked him why he hadn’t taken a shower and he said “I didn’t know if I could.”  My husband is an intelligent, strong man and when he said this it really drove something home: when we get admitted to the hospital, we feel as if we have lost all control.

So I want everyone to know, especially my pregnant patients out there, that when you get admitted to the hospital, you have control over everything.  Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Don’t be afraid to say no.  So many times I see physicians tell patients that they need to have a cesarean delivery, and all the patient has to say is if my baby is okay, can you give me just a little more time?  When you get admitted to the hospital, the nurse will put you in a bed.  But you don’t have to stay there! At our hospital, you can walk around while you’re in labor or rock in a rocking chair.  Patient’s do not realize that they really have control over everything.  When I had my baby, they told me that she had to go to the nursery for 4 hours to “transition.”  I wish I would have known back then that I could have said “no thank you.”  I’ll never get that time back. I wish I would have insisted that everything be done in the room,with me watching.  I just wish I would have known that was my right as a patient.

If you are going to have your baby in a hospital, there are two things that are almost non-negotiable.  You will probably have to have an IV, or at least IV access, and your baby will probably have to be monitored externally at some point. Other than that, most things are negotiable.
So remember:  Ask questions. Be informed. And remember that you have the right to refuse any procedure or treatment, or at least ask to be better educated.  It’s your body and it’s your baby.  Don’t forget that you still have control over your body and your delivery, even if you happen to be in a hospital 😃

Until my next delivery ❤

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