A Reminder for all Nurses

Do not ever let people around you make you question your worth. Today is almost over and tomorrow will be better. You can handle more than you think you can, and I know this because I have seen what nurses do on a daily basis. Keep your chin up. Keep moving forward. Do not let anyone or anything bring you down.

One thing, and one thing only, should guide our actions: our patients. They are why we do the work that we do. The people we take care of are so important, but we are important too! Let everyone around you think their own thoughts. You think BIGGER. You think BETTER. Because we have more important work to do. We have to take care of our patients, we have to take care of each other, and we have to take care of ourselves ❤

Until my next delivery ❤

One thought on “A Reminder for all Nurses

  • April 16, 2016 at 3:13 pm

    I have adored what I do for many, many years but lately I have lost my joy. We are now machines. Caring documenting machines who’s patients better be satisfied. We have managed to take the miracle out of birth.


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