8 Things That Happen When You’re Rude to Your Nurse

Nothing. Say it isn’t sooooooooooooo. Unfortunately, it’s true.  What usually happens when a patient is rude to their nurse? Nothing. That’s right, a big old fashion NADA. It’s almost like we’re use to the abuse or something…

It secretly hurts our feelings. We don’t like to admit it, but often, it hurts our feelings if a patient is mean to us. We really wish this weren’t true, but we genuinely want to do a good job and we’re trying to take good care of our patients.  So when our hard, earnest efforts aren’t acknowledged (much less, appreciated), it can be a hard pill to swallow.

It messes up the rest of our day. Often, if a patient is really rude to us, it’s almost like a cloud hangs over our heads for the rest of the day. Once one thing goes wrong, nothing seems to go right!

We might talk about it in the breakroom. A nurse’s breakroom is like kind of like stepping into a psychiatrist’s office, and kind of like stepping into a bar (think ‘Cheers,’ but with no alcohol), and kind of like stepping into an attorney’s office. There’s food, there’s friends, and everyone knows your name, and all of your problems! Oh, and there’s a certain level of “attorney” client privilege that we we all expect.

We’ll call your midwife. Or your physician. For some reason, patient’s don’t usually want to act like a fool in front of their physician or midwife. But we know that if their patients REALLY cut up, we’ll totally tell their provider how hateful they’re being.

We might not go out of our way. When patients are nice, we want to go out of our way to do little things for them. When they’re rude, we reaaaaallllllly consider NOT going out of way. But we probably still will 😉

We will try to kill you with kindness. My favorite thing to do when people are rude or ill-tempered is to just go out of my way to kill them with kindness. I will fluff pillows, offer drinks to your guests, and smile until my eyes disappear. Eventually, only one of us will look like an @&&, and I guarantee it won’t be me!


We won’t put up a fight. Nurses are part caretakers, part attorneys. Your nurse will fight for you, in every way imaginable. Like, we’re always willing to basically lose our job if we think it would come to that (no one said we weren’t a little dramatic). But if you are rude and brood, we won’t put up much of a fight. We do love our job, after all!


With all this being said, if you don’t mesh with your nurse (or any healthcare provider, for that matter), just ask for a new one! No reason for everyone to be miserable!

Until my next delivery ❤

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