7 Common Fears about Going into Labor

A stranger is going to see you naked. So, this is totally not true…actually, a lot of strangers are going to see you naked ? But lets keep it real…growing a watermelon-sized baby does all sorts of things to your body, and the thought of exposing all that extra love in all it’s glory can be scary! The good news? We don’t care what you look like naked, and more importantly, we won’t remember.

A baby is supposed to come out of your vagina. This is a fearful thought that just simmers underneath the surface, a thought we all push out of the way because we realllllly don’t want to think about it.  Will our vagina ever be the same (spoiler alert – yes, for the most part) ? You may (or may not) be able to do jumping jacks ever again, but for the most part, things bounce right back with a little rest and relaxation.

Your partner will not look at you the same way. As a labor and delivery nurse, I know this is an actual fear for a lot of women. I can’t tell you how many women refuse to let their partners “look down there.” I know we all want to think of our vaginas as this magical box that holds all these secrets, but there is no box and everyone knows all it’s secrets.  Subconsciously, most women aren’t ready for their magic box to be on full display under florescent lighting…but in reality, no one remembers what your vagina looks like when a baby is coming out of it, including your partner. Just remember—it’s waaaaaay more magical than you even know!

You might have to have a cesarean delivery. Having a vaginal delivery is very important for a lot of women, and the thought of having to relinquish that control and the idea of a “normal” birth can be frightening. Ask questions, feel comfortable with the answers your receive (or ask more questions to more people), and establish a trusting relationship with your healthcare provider early in your pregnancy so you’ll feel confident and comfortable whenever it’s time to deliver your baby.

You will be judged. All of us are pretending we totally have it together, this should be the least of your concerns. Trust me, we’ve seen much worse than whatever mess you think you’re going to dish out.

You’ll look stupid. Half the time we don’t ask questions because we want people to think we already know the answer…but guess what?! It doesn’t matter what kind of education or background you have, most people know nothing about labor and delivery. So take comfort in the fact that no one knows anything. We’re happy to answer questions, and you’ll likely not ask one that we haven’t been asked before.

You’ll poop. I can promise you one thing: your labor nurse will clean it up faster than you can even imagine. You may not even get a whiff of indecency, because they want to smell it as much as you do! Before trying to starve yourself days before you think you’ll deliver, or make yourself miserable downing all sorts of laxatives, remember—everyone poops. Well, almost everyone : )

Until my next delivery ❤

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