7 Times it Sucks Being the Only Nurse in the Family

There are plenty of times it’s great to be the only nurse in the family. But many more times, it just plain sucks. Everyone WILL come to you for EVERYTHING 😆


People will come to you with anything and everything. It doesn’t matter what kind of nurse you are, people will ask you absolutely anything about anything. I’m a labor and delivery nurse, and I’ve had family members ask me about prostates and penises and I’m always like but I don’t take care of men! But they don’t care, and it’s always expected that I’ll something about every single area of nursing. By the way—I don’t!
People will expect you to dish out advice. People will not only come to you with their aches and pains, people will expect you to give advice. They want you to tell them what to do, and how long to do it for, and they want to know what they can do to make it better. Sometimes we have answers, sometimes we do not.


People will want you to recommend treatment. People will want to know what medication they should take—what medication can they take?! Will it interact with THIS medication?
You are their second opinion. People will expect you to be their second opinion. They want you to back up what their physician said or give them a completely new treatment plan altogether.


We not off every holiday or every weekend. SOMEONE has to work on these days, and unfortunately for us, we have to take our turn and work Christmas Day and every other holiday, and usually every other weekend!
Everyone will party without you. It’s safe to say that a nurse’s schedule is unpredictable, and in many cases, our schedules are made months in advance. So a lot of times we miss the soccer games and birthday parties and weddings because we can’t get off of work, or it’s too much hassle to try to switch days with someone.


You can’t unhear some things. Sometimes we just don’t want to know that our mom/cousin/sister/brother is having THAT kind of problem. But we get to hear it anyway, and often it’s not something I WANT to hear.

Until my next delivery ❤

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