7 Character Traits that Scream “You’re a Nurse”

What’s funny is that we can spot a nurse from a mile away, but when we’re in the hospital, or when someone in our family is in the hospital, we don’t think anyone will know we’re a nurse if we’re not wearing scrubs!  Nurses are so much alike. When you really start to think about it, we honestly have a lot in common. Maybe that’s why we love each other so much and sometimes fight so hard…

1. We have a caring nature. It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise that nurses are natural caregivers. We enjoy taking care of people, and we have an innate need to take care of people who are vulnerable.

2. We aren’t afraid to speak up. Nurses are usually never short of an opinion, and they can’t be afraid to speak up. Their patient’s well-being depends on the ability to voice concerns and give accurate reports to anyone not at the bedside.

3. We are opinionated. If you ask a nurse their opinion on absolutely anything, they will more than likely readily give it to you. It’s just the way we roll. After all, we’re paid for our professional opinions!

4. We notice everything. It’s that whole assessment thing. To most nurses, this is just second nature. We’re so use to analyzing our surroundings and simultaneously thinking about what’s coming next.

5. We’re not easily surprised. We’ve seen a lot of different people act a lot of different ways. We’ve seen all kinds of crazy/weird/bizarre situations and scenarios. It’s very hard to shock a nurse.6.

6. We choose our battles wisely. Nurses know they can’t complain about everything, and we also understand the consequences of every battle we consider fighting. There’s a lot to choose from! But smart nurses understand that they can’t fight every situation. We choose which ditches we’re willing to die in, and then — watch out.

7. We would give someone the shirt off our back. Nurses just have to help people. If someone asked a nurse for anything, if that nurse was able to do it, chances are, they would do it. You wouldn’t have to ask twice. It’s part of who we are.


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