5 Reasons Why Every Nurse Needs a Side Hustle

Unless you’re married to a millionaire, it’s nice for anyone to have a second income, especially when there’s potential for that income to be “passive.” In November of 2017, I started actively selling Rodan + Fields skincare. For me, the products were really life-changing. Loving the skin I’m in has given me a new sense of confidence, and I’ve met so many incredible people along the way. Regardless of what you do as a side-gig, I think it’s healthy to redirect some energy to something other than nursing. R+F has provided an outlet for me to still be creative and help people, without the stress and strain that inevitably comes with taking care of other people. I love being a nurse, and I don’t want to retire (yet)—but for now, I love having something else to focus on when I need a distraction 😃 When looking for a side-gig, think about what you are passionate about. You have to love what you’re doing or selling. For me, having to manage inventory was not a viable option. There are two things that I remind myself of often: you can’t having a million dollar dream with a $5 work ethic, and nothing in life is easy or instant.

We are killing ourselves. Lets be clear….every single day I go to work thinking I can conquer the world, and every single day I leave thinking I might fall asleep on the way home. Nurses are taking commands from every single direction. We serve our patients, we serve our profession, we try to please management and of course, all of our physicians. We constantly take care of ourselves last. I love having a side gig JUST IN CASE one day I really do throw in the towel (although I seriously can’t imagine that happening). But just in case 😉

We need a distraction. Every single thing I do revolves around women and babies. It’s nice to focus on something that has absolutely nothing to do with nursing.

We are workers. Nurses are programmed to multi-task, and we seem to be working in some capacity every single second of every single day. I think nurses just need something to do, something to “check off.” If you’re going to work, you might as well get paid to do it and for the love of God—give your blood pressure a break and don’t pick up another shift. Just do something different. 

The extra income is nice. Who are we kidding? We all need a little extra cash, or we wouldn’t be exposing ourselves to every disease under the sun for $x an hour. Whether it’s to pay for those volleyball lessons or your car note or just to have a vacation fund, it’s nice to have a little extra cash flow.

Everything can’t be life-or-death. One of the best things I love about my side-gig is that it’s not life-or-death. I genuinely believe that people will feel more self confident when they love the skin they’re in, but if they don’t do it, it’s not like they’re going to die. If I don’t feel like working, I’m not worried about someone being oxygen deprived, or worse, dying. I don’t feel like I’m constantly on my toes, trying to dance around personalities and hormone-induced emotions. I love the fact that I can have an inlet to focus on my energy, that and someone’s life doesn’t depend on every second of my attention.

My advice? Be passionate in anything you do, and you will do well 😉 Find something that you enjoy, and you may surprise yourself by the doors that open.


Until my next delivery ❤

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