4 Myths About Your Baby’s Due Date

I remember being pregnant. My daughter was almost a big whopping 10 pounds, and I remember feeling so big and heavy and tired at the end of my pregnancy. But back then, I didn’t know it was an option to complain, and I didn’t know it was an option to induce labor.  It surprises me now, as a nurse, how many people I see that want their baby to be delivered as early as possible. Their back hurts, they are uncomfortable, and they are tired.  Labor nurses call this “tired of toting.”
Here are a few myths about your due date:
  • Your baby has one. Lets keep it real—you probably didn’t really keep track of your periods so your “LMP” is more than likely a good ol’ fashion educated guess. One thing is for sure…your idea of when your baby is due likely differs from your baby’s idea of when it’s due.
  • Your doctor or midwife can tell how well your baby’s lungs are developed by that ultrasound. 
  • Your baby being born on or near its due date means your baby won’t have any issues. 
  • The size of your baby means your baby is “ready”.
I teach prenatal classes to young moms, and I try to remind them that this is the only time they have with this baby during this pregnancy, and although there may be times when it’s hard, you really need to take a step back and try to enjoy the moment.  Believe me, I know how tough it can be…I remember that big baby in my belly! But know that during a healthy, normal pregnancy, your body is the best place to let your baby grow.
Until my next delivery ❤

One thought on “4 Myths About Your Baby’s Due Date

  • March 7, 2016 at 6:53 pm

    I really wouldn’t encourage mom’s to ask for an induction when they get tired near the end. The ultimate purpose of pregnancy is to have a healthy baby and by inducing unnecessarily,babies can and are at risk. As a neonatal nurse I see the result of this misinformed practise every day. The only reason an induction should occur is for post dates , maternal illness (PIC, GEST DIABETES, ETC) or for fetal distress.


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