16 Ways Nurses Can Go From Good to Great

There are so many ways nurses are capable of making an impact.  Don’t settle for being a good nurse. Aim to be a great one! And then be better than that 😉

  1. Remember what your life was like before you were a nurse. For most of us, this means thinking back to a time when you were dependent on someone else, and had little or no money of your own. Appreciate the opportunities given to us as nurses.15 fake
  2. Fake it until you make it. I’ve said it once, and I’ll say it again—sometimes you gotta fake it until it becomes your reality. I don’t always want to go to work. My bed feels all warm and I’d love to just sleep in…but I act excited about going and before I know it, I really am excited that I’m wearing scrubs!
  3. Don’t be a drama queen. Leave it at the door. Don’t spread gossip or talk about your coworkers, whether that means your fellow nurses or the providers you work with.
  4. Get involved! It’s easy to complain about anything and everything. Put your money where your mouth is and change something. Join a unit or hospital committee or become more active in your professional organization!strong woman strength
  5. Believe you can make a difference. It’s easier to do great things when you always believed it was possible. Believe that you make a difference, because you do. We all have the potential for greatness.
  6. Learn to value people’s work worth. You may not get along with everyone, but learn to value what every person has to offer.
  7. Check your pulse. When you feel anger bubbling up inside of you, stop for a minute and check your pulse. Literally. Do not react if you’re all tachycardic and throwing PVCs. Calm it down first.
  8. Don’t assign blame. Personally, this is the hardest one for me. I blame it on being Mexican and/or Catholic. Resist the urge to believe that someone is directing something towards you.
  9. People make mistakes. We’re often hardest on the people we love the most, and we truly do love our coworkers.

    nurse jackie prick
    Don’t be one 😉
  10. Be kind. Make an effort to not only be nice, but be kind. Wouldn’t it be great if we all loved coming to work?!?
  11. Learn something. Every single day you should learn something. It may be something good, that you would like to emulate, or it may be something bad, that you can reflect on and vow to never do.
  12. Teach someone something. We all have the power to teach something to those around us, regardless of experience or level of education.thumbs up
  13. Don’t be a bully. We work in a profession largely made up of women, and come from a culture of hierarchy. Don’t be the bully. Don’t be the nurse that’s eating their young.
  14. Learn the importance of measuring. Look at the work around you. Look at the work that your unit or hospital does. Look at your professional practice and learn to measure outcomes. After all, how can we be better if we don’t know better?
  15. Go back to school. At an AWHONN conference, I once heard someone tell everyone to go back to school if they saw themselves in nursing in ten years. Because nursing is constantly evolving, we have to keep up. We are responsible for our own professional practice.
  16. Change something. Take a moment and think about what you’re passionate about. What could you, would you change about yourself, your unit, your hospital, or your profession? Florence Nightingale was one person that paved the way for everyone. Think big. Then think bigger. And then do something.

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