15 Things Your Nurse Wishes They Could Tell You

I started off with a plan. Things didn’t go your way? Well guess what…I sure as hell didn’t wake up at 5 o’clock in the morning to ruin your day. I’m not running around day in and day out because I really wanted to provide bad service or give you an unexpected outcome. Every true nurse goes to work because they love nursing. The work we do is driven by our love for our patients.

Something is hurting me right now.  At this very moment, my legs are aching. Our shifts are consisted of constant pushing, pulling, bending, and lifting—and lets keep it real, neither one of us are getting any lighter ? All of this is physically demanding, and every nurse will eventually pay a toll.  As I’m typing this, even my wrists are throbbing…and that’s not from writing an article here and there, that’s from endless.amounts.of.charting.

We are killing ourselves. Stress contributes to the fact that a lot of nurses suffer from obesity, diabetes, and hypertension. Thinking of some past shifts, I can literally feel my blood pressure rising. Only our coworkers truly understand the demands that are placed on us every single day.

Our hearts are heavy for you. Nurses strive to make their patients feel better, they want their patients to have the healthiest outcomes possible, regardless of their situation or what brought them in to need care in the first place. When patients are sick or suffering, our hearts are so heavy with empathy.

We’re tired. Ummm—I seriously once fell asleep getting my eyebrows waxed ?

Our families struggle. When our hospitals or units are busy, we work. None of us want our patients or our coworkers to suffer, so if we can work, most of us will.  There’s more than one soccer game I’ve missed and almost all nurses work every other weekend. We provide service all day long…it’s not always easy coming home and having to still take care of things that need to be done.


It’s never enough. Even if we kill ourselves trying, it will never be enough. Patients will still complain, our bosses will still want more from us, and we have to constantly run to keep up. It’s just the nature of the game. It’s not even wrong, we should continuously improve our practice and try harder, but it’s still not an easy game to play. Nurses have to have a level of acceptance that nothing we do will be good enough, we always have to strive for better. That can be a hard pill to swallow.

We know it’s a privilege to take care of you. We know how precious life is, and we are very aware of the impact each of us have on each other. Not everyone can be a nurse. We consider it a privilege to provide care.

We are constantly exposed. We are constantly sprayed and splashed and exposed to everything from HIV to Hep B and every other letter in the alphabet. We come home carrying who-knows-what, and we have to head straight for the shower. We should get hazard pay!

We must stay silent. I can’t even elaborate on this one the way I wish I could. There are so many different ways this is true, but especially in an age of social media, we just have to take the abuse if someone bashes us. We’re really not allowed to defend ourselves. There’s HIPAA and the board of nursing and we’re living in an age where patient satisfaction is paramount.

We are constantly learning. We thought we were excited when we graduated nursing school. Little did we know that the it would never really end.


School was hard. Speaking of nursing school, it was kind of like trying to eat an ice cream cone, in HELL. You are holding it in your hand. You know you’re going to love it, even if it’s not the healthiest option on the menu.  But it’s like you’re trying to eat it while it’s running down your hand and you have to decide if you’re going to eat it upside down or transverse. ….yeah, it doesn’t make sense to me either. Both answers are right. …and wrong :/

School was also expensive. Nurses have the ability to make decent money, but let’s just say there’s one note I’ll probably die with :/

We critically think —all the time. This may not sound like an issue…but imagine what it’s like to be surrounded by non-healthcare people who aren’t able to critically think as good as you do. Like, I totally don’t understand why my husband can’t walk into a room and know there’s a piece of trash hidden in the corner. #eyeroll

We love our patients. More than anything, I wish every single person knew how much nurses love their patients. We fight so hard for them in so many different ways. Even though nursing can be challenging, it is beyond rewarding, and we choose to serve our patients and to dedicate our lives to our nursing profession ♥

Until my next delivery ❤

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