11 Things All Nurses REALLY Want for Nurses Week

  1. Safe staffing ratios. Can I get an amen?!?  We may be use to being treated like a work horse, but eventually this is going to break each and every one of us. Our patients are unhealthier than ever, heavier than ever, and have so many comorbidities it can make your head spin.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist—patient outcomes and patient satisfaction go hand-in-hand with safe staffing ratios.
  2. Supportive leadership. I have stayed in positions where things weren’t perfect just because of supportive leadership. When we have supportive leadership, anything seems possible, even among the chaos. It gives us hope that all of our hard work isn’t for nothing.
  3. Healthier patients. You might think unhealthy patients are like job security…but we want and we wish for healthier patients. Our job isn’t about discharging people or taking care of them until their well enough to go home.  Our goal is healthier patients, full stop.

  1. Food. We aren’t picky. You can leave it right there on the communal table in the break room.
  2. Innovative equipment. We know someone somewhere is determining what our budget is and they’re trying to decide what to spend all that money on. We’d kind of like a say in all of that…as in WE would like to help decide what products WE will use at the bedside.

  1. An appreciative boss. Even when we are worked to the bone, it would be slightly less brutal to take if we knew that all of our work was genuinely appreciated. Nurses are so easy to please…you don’t even have to buy us anything (but we aren’t stopping you)…a simple “thank you” would suffice.
  2. Educational classes on things we actually want to know (so we’ll grow). We get that there are hospital-wide policies that we all have to get checked off on, so we may all be forced to watch the video on fire safety for the 500th time, but nurses really want educational classes on things that matter to us. Like differentiating lab values, for example. Just throwing that out there.

  1. Scrubs that fit. Or a pay raise so we’re not buying them once every 3 years, or when we rub a hole through the thigh area (whichever comes first).  Pay raise isn’t in that budge we just mentioned? At least develop a relationship with someone so we can get a discount.
  2. More efficient charting. Nurses totally get that charting is a necessary evil. We would just like to know we’re not having to chart the same thing in 5 different places. We chart things here and we chart things there so that it’s easier to run reports, so that it’s easier for other people (physicians) to find the information we’re inputing, and so that it’s easier for people to audit the work we’re doing. But come on…it’s a computer system. There has to be an easier way…

  1. A cafeteria that’s open at night and on weekends. This is like the epitome of punishment for people who have to work anything other than 9-5. NEWS FLASH: Nightshifters eat lunch at midnight, just like dayshifters eat lunch around noon. The only difference?! Dayshifters get to browse a selection of food cooked fresh in the cafeteria. Same principle goes for the weekend.  We would love be at our kid’s soccer game, but if we have to be at work, can’t we at least have some options for sustenance?
  2. The work we do to be recognized. We don’t need our patients to say thank you, or cry with appreciation. We don’t need them to tell management that we are awesome, or that they couldn’t have continued to live their life without us. We don’t need leadership to send out a system-wide shout-out detailing all of the great work we’re doing… But we would like to know that the hard work we do is recognized, and that the people that we work so hard for are grateful in some small way.

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