10 Reasons Nursing is the Greatest Profession on Earth


Nursing definitely has it’s ups and downs, but even when things get difficult, I will always think nursing is the greatest profession on earth! 

1. We make decent money. Okay, so we’re not millionaires… but the great thing about nursing is that we make decent money and we really have the ability to make almost as much as we want. Christmas around the corner? I can always pick up some overtime…


2. We can literally find a job almost anywhere. If I ever wanted to move, I have the freedom to, because I know wherever I go I’ll be able to find a job in nursing. It’s reassuring being wanted! Regardless of the economy, there’s always a need for nurses.

3. Our patients are usually very thankful. We take care of people at their most vulnerable time, and they are usually very grateful. It’s humbling and an honor to be able to care for people and their loved ones. It’s very nice that people value the work that we do!

4. Our words carry weight. My mother’s friend-of-a-friend-of-a-friend will call to ask me how much Tylenol she can take. My neighbor will text me the description of every diaper rash. My daughter’s teacher will flag me down to tell me what she ate and what happened next. People value what we say, and our advice guides them to calm down or to seek additional help.

5. We can cluster our days to have a long stretch of days off. We don’t always want to, but we can work a whole bunch of days in a row to have a whole bunch of days off in row. It’s not ideal, but it sure is helpful when you’re out of PTO!

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6. We can spill (almost) anything on our scrubs and it usually washes right out. Our scrubs are made out of some sort of weird kind of cotton-spandex mix, they might as well be made out of Teflon. Blood, body fluids, and breakfast, lunch, and dinner are no match… a good hot wash will take everything right out. Except, of course, the dreaded marker. That sucker is there to stay.

7. We get paid for our professional opinion. Most nurses are very opinioned, which is a good thing, because we are in a profession where we’re paid for our professional opinion. We aren’t supposed to just blindly follow orders, we’re supposed to question everything we do.

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8. Our bosses aren’t around 24/7. I’m not saying that we don’t love our bosses. I’m just saying that the mice will play when the cat is —-just joking! But still… they usually leave by 5pm 😉

9. Our profession is celebrated every year with an entire week. Every single year, nurses are celebrated during National Nurse’s Week. Nurses are so awesome, we don’t just get a day, we get an entire week for people to feed us and pamper us and tell us how great we are. Score!

10. We have the greatest coworkers ever. Our coworkers become part of our family. We learn to love each other, with all of our own little quirks and everything, because we have to depend on each other. When things get out of hand, our coworkers will always come running, and they’ll be there when we need someone to cry with, or just someone who understands. They have a wicked sense of humor, and nothing you say can shock or offend them. They are always waiting to walk out with you at the end of your shift. Our coworkers are rock stars!


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