Why This Nurse Still Has a View


Why This Nurse Still Has a View

As a nurse blogger, I’m in constant fear of getting fired or in trouble for what I say outside of work, stuff that has nothing to do with patient privacy. I feel sorry for people that don’t realize the power of nurses, the power of our profession. But they don’t have to worry about me banning their show, because I don’t have time to watch daytime television! 😃

Until my next delivery ❤

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Well sponsorship is being pulled and I, myself, despite their pathetic attempt at an apology will never watch it again.

Debbi stephens
Debbi stephens

I agree on the poor apology. Make them work one day with a nurse in ER and then I might go back to watching The View.


You know, when I heard about all this, I looked up this nurse/ pageant contestant on Twitter and decided I want to see what SHE does next. Like wow, she spoke about her profession ( and mine) in front of thousands of people, I hope she uses her won scholarship in a way that promotes the nursing profession or students wanting to pursue nursing careers.


Their apology was ridiculous ..joy claimed to not be paying attention- it’s not spontaneous they review what is going to happen in meetings prior to show , and then whoopi using the same verbiage and exhorting us to pay attention ! I agree there is some aspect of being too sensitive however this was clearly an area where a real apology was due.


[…] for what I say outside of work, stuff that has nothing to do with patient privacy.” ( Adventures of a Labor Nurse). Anonymous, the nurse blogger at Florence is Dead, writes “Anonymity is a must in order to […]


As a nurse just starting out in the mom and baby blog world I have to ask, have you ever received any lash backs from your employer, coworkers or moms? It is always in the back of my mind when I write articles. Being a part of a professional organization such as nurses gives us a power over others that I would love to use for good, but occasionally concerned about what a poorly placed written word during an off day could result in. Thanks!

The Mama Nurse

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