This is Breastfeeding…

Let me preface this by saying that this is directed towards nurses who take care of women with the desire to breastfeed. This in no way is meant to be insensitive towards parents. I want to emphatically say that the real issue with women and breastfeeding is the lack of postpartum support. As a postpartum nurse, there are a few things we see and hear every single day. Here are some of the good and bad 😉

This is how I feel when a mom tells me she’s breastfed all of her babies before…


This is how I feel when I see a mom with her baby skin-to-skin…


This is how I feel when I hear someone say they don’t think they have enough milk.


This is how I feel when I hear a grandma say “that baby needs a bottle.”


This is how I feel when I help a mom breastfeed all damn day, and I come back to work and find out she gave up.


This is how I feel when I hear someone ask how do we know “their baby is getting enough milk”. (p.s. because they pee and poop)


This is how I feel when I see a baby self-latch.

Until my next delivery ❤

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This is great!

Vicky Paschke
Vicky Paschke

OMG…You hit the nail on the head! EXACTLY!


Hahaha!!! Yes and yes and yes!!! You forgot the gif for, “I think baby’s mouth is too small/nipple is too big.” Only once in my life did I actually see a mom and baby that God had somehow failed to match up. And it was JUST NOT WORKING. Otherwise, baby’s mouth invariably matches Mama’s size.

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