Featured Product for Women: POSH Hair Serum

I ordered this hair serum from POSH for my tweenie daughter, but ended up keeping it for myself (everything that’s mine ends up in her bathroom anyway). This hair serum is inexpensive, smells light and delicious, and I’ve also been doubling it as a face moisturizer.

I’m making small packages for nurses and teachers that were impacted by Hurricane Harvey, and ALL proceeds or freebies I get from any sales are going to the packages I’m making. But I seriously love this stuff. If you see me in a Facebook Live video, this is in my hair!

Enchant Tress

Until my next delivery ❤

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Linda D.S., RMA/PA/RNA
Linda D.S., RMA/PA/RNA

As a retired Phys.Assistant in the Hosp. L&D, Nursery and Pediatrics for several years, I was blessed to work with great L&D Physicians and Nurses!In many instances, it is just how you’ve described. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences! There are some similar situations but so many are very unique and different…the medical team has to be ready for anything. And it does take the whole team to work together, for the best outcome for our Moms and babies! But, I have to say L&D Nurses are the eyes, ears and voices for the Physicians, before they are… Read more »

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