Spotlight for Parents: Thank You to all the Parents Who Made a CHOICE to Love

This post came up on my personal Facebook news feed, and I was so touched by it. I’m very thankful she allowed me to share this sweet message her daughter wrote for an assignment for school about something or someone that changed their life.

Families are made in different ways every day ❤



Until my next delivery ❤

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That is really sweet! My dad died when I was 6 years old and my mom met my stepdad just a year later. It took me YEARS to accept him. I hated him for what he represented – a replacement for my dad, which I just didn’t want.

Now all these years later, I see – my stepdad is an amazing man. He loved a widow and her two hurt children as if they were his own. I can’t thank him enough for loving us and being such a good ‘dad’, even if we never called him that.

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