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Recently, I was approached by Prudential Overall Supply and asked if I would review a pair of scrubs. I happily agreed…after all, nurses can never have enough pairs!  Although I buy almost everything online, from paper towels to laundry detergent, I have never considered buying scrubs online before. I’ve gone to the same nursing supply store since graduating from nursing school. I always leave with a few pairs, I always end up having to order some that aren’t in stock, and I always get a 10% discount…which always seemed pretty good (it’s better than nothing).  But I always leave the store paying a fortune for the few scrubs I leave with—10% discount or no 10% discount.  I justify my purchase thinking that my scrubs are higher in quality.  They are soft, like pajamas, with a little stretch.  That kind of comfort has to be a little pricier, or so I thought.

So when I was asked if I would review a pair of scrubs, I did happily agree…but my expectations were low. I was not expecting to like them. But I can genuinely say that I really loved the scrubs that Prudential Uniforms sent me. The first day I wore them, I got splattered with blood and it washed right out.  The material is just as soft and stretchy as the scrubs from the store. And the best part—they were ¼ of the price!! …and I didn’t have to leave my house to get them.  I have already bought a couple more pairs.  Check out the site, and don’t be fooled by the great prices, the nurse scrubs are NICE.  The pair sent to me had two large front pockets, perfect for me to stuff everything into. It had a V-neck collar, making them look less like pajamas, but made with the same material that makes them feel nice and soft.

These are the scrubs I got that I love!! ❤  (but that is not me in them!)

I never knew about Prudential Overall Supply.  They offer tons of services, from scrubs to cleanroom services to even uniform rentals! It’s definitely worth checking out.

As a bonus, I’ll be giving away a second set of scrubs they gave me : ) I hope you like them as much as I do! 😃


Until my next delivery ❤

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Thanks for the info!! I need to replace my hole-y scrubs when I return from Maternity leave in a month, and I’m excited to find reasonably priced options.


Except I have specific uniform colors I have to wear. Boo. Oh well, maybe it’ll work out better for someone else!


Thanks for the comments but I did not find this an interesting read i follow you because of your topics on LDR I am not interested in advertisement .I usually love reading your posts
In reading this I may no longer be interested in following you
Also have you ever considered what happens to your local businesses when someone only internet shops ?These businesses are our bread and butter they keep the community going and many are our neighbours .
Certainly interested in your next delivery though.

andie Gendron

Can I please have the giveaway pair? You didn’t specify how to win your extra pair. So, I’m askin! Thanks!

Lisa Lu

Which were the pair you tried 50/50 or 65/35? I like soft, durable scrubs.

Lisa Lu

I saw them! Thank you.

Sarah CC

Thanks for the review! I’m always clueless as to what to get and where from! Will definitely check them out and enter (once I know how!). :)

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