Lularoe For Newbies

So for those of you that have never heard of Lularoe, it’s a brand of clothing that is exclusively sold through independent consultants, who mostly utilize Facebook and Periscope to sale their inventory, and in-home “pop-up” parties. I do not see myself doing in-home pop-up parties, but I guess I should never say never!

I will readily admit—I have always been the person who immediately changes into pajamas as soon as I walk through the door. I want to be comfortable when I’m at home. But don’t I want to be comfortable all day as well?!?

When someone invited me to an online pop-up party, like any good friend, I “attended” and bought something 😃 When I received my item (a Carly dress) 3 days later, I was hooked. That’s all it took. My closet is basically completely made up of Lularoe clothes now. I have slept in the clothes, I have gone to work in the clothes, I have gone to the gym in the clothes, I’ve gone to fancy dinners in the clothes.  They are so versatile and you won’t want to take them off!

I work very very hard for my money, so when I want something, I don’t hesitate—I buy it! After joining at least 700 Lularoe groups, and buying A LOT of clothes, I quickly learned what consultants I liked and which ones I didn’t.


My Facebook page will be open to everyone. If you’d like to get updates on upcoming events, you will need to like my page 😃  I won’t have to approve you to join 😃 I won’t change the name of my page a million times so that your Facebook in inundated with updates 😃 Most sales will be live sales through Facebook or Periscope, because I doubt I’ll have time to take pictures of clothes (although I might be able to talk my 10 year-old into doing this, but then the quality might be questionable). So we’ll see!

Thank you to all of you who are liking my page and trying to support my little small business ♥ My daughter has always been into clothes, and I’m hoping that this will be something we can do together ♥ Once I pay back the initial investment, if she likes doing it, I hope she will want to manage and do it on her own so that she can learn what it’s like to run a business.

I will frequently hold all kinds of promotions. If you are a healthcare provider, and a member of your professional organization, your shipping is always FREE, no minimum required. There will be a flat-rate shipping of $3 for everyone else. For every item I sell, $1 will be donated to the non-profit organization Every Woman, Every Baby, an organization dedicated to decreasing maternal-newborn health disparities and ending infant and maternal morbidity and mortality.

Feel free to ask me any questions!! I’m so super excited to start this venture.

Until my next delivery ❤

I want to hear what you have to say!

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