In the News: Woman Expecting 1 Baby Gives Birth to 5

Has anyone ever seen something like this happen? Funniest story ever—one time one of our labor nurses left the room to get something for the physician after the delivery, and when she came back, the nursery nurse had 2 babies instead of 1! She looked at the nursery nurse and said “where did that one come from?!?” 😃

Woman Expecting 1 Baby Gives Birth to 5

Until my next delivery ❤

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Omari Young

I remember the very first delivery I conducted. I was just fresh out of school and the woman was a multip and so I thought her belly was just big. I delivered the first baby and took her to the weighing scale to weigh her when I heard a scream from the woman and I turned to look and heard another one is coming, I quickly wrapped the baby up, placed her in a safe place and ran to the woman . On examination, the baby was breech, I panicked and sent some one to go and call one of… Read more »

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