In the News: Think Pregnant Mothers Should Go to Jail for Using Drugs? @PBS

Think that pregnant mothers should go to jail for using drugs? Think again. Tennessee was the first state to enact such a law, but found it to have unintended consequences and finally discontinued the controversial fetal assault law.

“The measure was found not to help those women and to have unintended consequences. Doctors testified that the threat of arrest kept many addicted pregnant women from seeking treatment and medical care. Other critics say addicts were choosing abortion over being found out and prosecuted. At the hearing, lawmakers also discussed increasing funding for drug treatment programs.”

Tennessee Discontinues Controversial Fetal Assault Law

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During my BSN program, this was something that I researched and came up with the same conclusion; such a law will simply keep women away from the doc/midwife. I do think that a drug screen is important during pregnancy and when admitted for labor. It helps us to know what to expect and how to treat baby.

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