Expect a Delivery: Hustle & Bustle! Support the “Other” Work of Healthcare Providers

April 1, 2017 I’ll be launching a section of my blog called Hustle & Bustle! Support the “Other” Work of Healthcare Providers, a section of my site dedicated to promoting the “other” work of healthcare providers.  Many healthcare professionals manage a small business on the side in an effort to supplement their income. In between nursing jobs, I’m a Rodan + Fields and Lularoe consultant. My friend Jessica likes to call these side gigs our “side hustles” 😃 We may work a few extra hours here and there and everywhere, and a lot of times we sell the products that we fall in love with. Many healthcare professionals, especially nurses, are known for taking care of everyone else. So when we find a product that we love, we want everyone to know all about the awesomeness we have come across! If you are looking to buy a certain product for yourself or gifting something to someone else, why not buy it from another healthcare worker?!?

If you are interested in being featured in this section, please fill out the contact form below to be considered.  This is a work in progress. I’m still trying to decide how best to implement this, but I know one thing for sure: we should all be trying to lift each other up.

Please indicate in the “comment” section of the contact form whether you give any kind of discount to healthcare professionals, OR if you make a minimum $10 donation to the charity Every Woman, Every Baby, OR if you are a member of your professional organization (any professional organization). None of these things are required, but good things should happen for people that are trying to do the right thing 😉

Until my next delivery ❤

I want to hear what you have to say!

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