How to Buy

You can only buy Lularoe clothes through independent consultants, who only sell through in-home pop up parties, through online Facebook sales or through Periscope. For anyone who knows me in real life, you know my husband would not be okay with me having people over at our house to have in-home pop up parities 😃 Since I haven’t actually started selling Lularoe clothes yet, I’m not 100% sure what will end up working best for me and my crazy schedule—but I will likely do a Periscope and Facebook video once a week, and a Facebook album sale once a month.

Remember, a portion of every single item sold will go to charities that support nurses, women, and/or babies!

Since I have basically been a professional Lularoe shopper over the last few months, I do know many other consultants that are awesome. If you’re looking to buy something now, or if you’re just wanting a “different” way to shop, you should check them out!

My Favorite Lularoe Consultants

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