For Our Families Celebrating After a Storm

At the 2017 AWHONN Convention in New Orleans, I got to meet a nurse from Arizona named Kathy who shared something special that she does for women who have experienced a previous miscarriage. She said she learned how to make these hats from an old YouTube video I posted (it’s on some random YouTube channel I made, before I had an official YouTube Channel), and she took the idea and ran with it!! I absolutely love this idea and I love nurses who go above and beyond for their patients. This reiterates something I already knew…nurses are AMAZING.

I loved this idea so much because it’s a remembrance of a woman’s prior pregnancy that ended in miscarriage or stillbirth, regardless of the gestation, and it allows every other healthcare provider that comes into contact with that patient to know they had a prior miscarriage or stillbirth without having to say a word. It’s the little things we do that have such a huge impact on our patients and our profession. Kathy, we salute you!!

Until my next delivery ❤

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Cheryl Roth

Kathy has such a great heart! Such a privilege to work with a nurse who cares so much for her patients. Thank you for sharing her work!

Jessica McNeil

I love this idea!! What a sweet gift for families!!!

Julie Robertson

Kathy is a treasured colleague. Her love for this profession is a legacy for the junior nurses on our unit as well as the students she teaches. She mentors me in ways she will never know. Kathy, thank you for being you!!

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