Developing a Process to Support Perinatal Nurses After a Critical Event

Developing a Process to Support Perinatal Nurses After a Critical Event by Suzan Foreman in Nursing for Woman’s Health

I thought this was such a great article. I often talk about all of the emergent things we do in OB, and this speaks to that perfectly.

The biggest concern was related to the difficulty of going home after an event involving loss, possibly returning the next day, and not having an opportunity to express grief or have time for discussing the event

Isn’t that the truth?!? It’s not like we can go home and tell our family that a mother died after going into DIC, or that a baby’s cord prolapsed and we had to listen as his heart rate steadily got slower and slower as we frantically tried to race the mother to the OR.  And then life just goes on. We’re supposed to come to work the next day, sometimes we’re even asked to  immediately take another patient, and we’re just supposed to get on with it. Sometimes it feels like it didn’t even really happen…

I’d love to know—What kind of processes are implemented in your healthcare organization when there’s an adverse event?


Until my next delivery ❤

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We don’t have one. Our policy is, the show must go on. It’s not fair and its so very overwhelming. You either cry in the break room and then hike pants up to go face your pts again or wait till you get home and cry in the shower. What do you have in place?


We don’t have a plan either. It’s cry in the break room, and put your big girl panties on.

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