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I will continue to add to this post as I find things. I have found though that many nurses want to prepare and prepare and prepare, and the only thing that holds them back is their inability to trust what they already know.  I think OB nurses should buy the Core Curriculum book because every nurse or unit should have a reference guide, but I don’t think you need to have this book to take the certification exam.  If you live in the Houston area, I think you should go to an HACPP class because they provide great information, but I don’t think you have to take a class before taking the certification exam.



  • Core Curriculum for Maternal Newborn Nursing, 4th ed.  (purchase book here) – Try asking your educator or manager to purchase this book for your unit. It never hurts to ask! 😃  Argue that you want to increase their number of certified nurses by 10%.

In Houston:

  • Houston Area Collaborative Perinatal Program (HACPP)  – This organization offers a lot of different perinatal classes, and they frequently offer certification prep courses.  Any class I’ve ever taken through HACPP has been super informative.

On the Internet:

  • NCC Examination Guides – This link will take you to the NCC website, where you can download your specific examination guide. At the end of the study guide, they give you a break down of exam content.
  • CE Direct – Your hospital has to have rights to access this information, but CE Direct offers a certification prep course that I used and thought was helpful.

Ready to get certified?! (Of course your are!) Click here for more information 😃




Until my next delivery ❤

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Elaine Plummer
Elaine Plummer

Do you have to be working in labor and delivery to take the course and the test? Thanks.


Thank you so much for that great certification info!

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