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This is how I feel about Lularoe---I want it all!
This is how I feel about Lularoe—I want it all!
Around November 2016, I was introduced to Lularoe by a nursing colleague. She was hosting an online pop-up party (a party where you buy stuff online, from the comfort of your couch). Like any good friend, I wanted to support her business, so I purchased a Lularoe dress. I did not have high expectations…I had never heard of Lularoe and didn’t really know what to expect. When I got the dress, I was hooked. From that day on, I bought something every.single.day. I couldn’t help myself—I wanted to wear the clothes all the time, and I wanted it all! 


This is how I feel wearing the clothes...even the leggings! 😃
This is how I feel wearing the clothes…even the leggings! 😃
I told everyone I knew about the brand. I asked perfect strangers to touch my clothes. Every time I was out in public and saw someone wearing something Lularoe, I would give them a knowing glance….like I know you’re comfortable, and by the way—you look cute. I thought of every single reason as to why I could not become a consultant.  I already had more than one job (I’m a labor and delivery nurse) and my spare time was practically non-existent. But the problem was…I didn’t just love the clothes. I loved the clothes and I wanted everyone to wear them. I wanted to gift the clothes to people so they could be enlightened and realize how comfortable and confident they too could feel.  As a labor and delivery nurse, I also loved that these clothes are PERFECT for pregnant women.


This is me when I get home and there's a Lularoe package waiting for me!
This is me when I get home and there’s a Lularoe package waiting for me!
As a newbie Lularoe lover, I joined at least 700 Facebook groups and bought from numerous consultants. It didn’t take me long to realize which consultants I liked and which ones I didn’t. There were a lot of things that I wish were easier for me, as someone who was completely new to Lularoe. I wish that were were a list of the Lularoe consultants that offered some sort of shipping discount. I wish that there were a list of pop-up parties, so that I could join and be ready to claim anything I was searching for. I wish that I had a one-stop-shop for all of my Lularoe needs.


A little about my page…

I want everyone to feel this great! ❤
I want everyone to feel this great! ❤

My Goal – The goal of my page is to support newbie Lularoe lovers and help them navigate their way through the awesome world of Lularoe! I genuinely want people to find what they want, from the best consultants they can find it from (even if that may not be me).  I have a tween daughter who use to want to be a fashion designer, who currently likes to hang out in her room by herself and read, so I’m also hoping this is something she can help me with so that we’re doing something together 😃 She is also an inexpensive helper 😉 …but we’ll see how that goes! My page will support other Lularoe consultants, because that’s what we should do as women (and as human beings)—support each other. My goal is for every person to find what they’re looking for, and feel good once they get it. A portion of all my sales with go to the non-profit charity Every Woman, Every Baby.

How to Buy – I will try to do album sales once a month, but more than likely will stick to selling my inventory from live sales off of Facebook and Periscope, due to that lack of free time I mentioned earlier. I can guarantee you that any album sales I do will have quick pictures taken of my inventory, unless my daughter decides she wants to become a photographer, so don’t expect a catalog-worthy photograph of the clothes. I apologize in advance for this 😃 Because I’d like to stay married, I will probably never have an at-home pop-up sale.


Shipping – If you are a nurse and a member of your professional organization, your shipping is free, no minimum purchase necessary. If you are a nurse and you join your professional organization (like AWHONN), then your shipping is free and you’ll also get something extra (either free leggings or a discount or something else awesome), because nurses should be rewarded for doing the right thing. If you join AWHONN with that link, I’m considered your recruiter, and I also give away any prizes I receive for recruiting members—because I genuinely believe that every nurse should be a member of their professional organization. For everyone else, there is a flat-rate shipping fee of $3, or shipping is free for orders over $75. 


Returns – There is no time-frame for returns, sometimes it takes me a hot-second to open up a package, so I understand that people get busy. I want whatever you buy to fit and I want you to love whatever it is you buy. Obviously, I’d prefer that the clothes aren’t worn and I’d like the tags to still be attached. But I’m very reasonable. I will also consider returning anything you buy that you aren’t able to return from other consultants, but if the print is horrible I have the right to say no! 😃  All buyers must pay all shipping costs – the cost to return the package and the cost to receive a new package in return.


VIP Customers – Loyal customers should be rewarded for their loyalness and awesomeness. My page will have a secret VIP-customers-only section. There won’t be a separate group you have to join, and this group will remain very small. These customers will get certain perks, that I’m still trying to determine. Perks will include (but again, there will be more): free shipping, no minimum purchase required, advanced previews of inventory, free “hunts” (I will do my best to find whatever it is you’re searching for), free clothes, special deep-discounted pop-ups, and I will also specifically buy your size to ensure I have plenty of inventory for you to choose from.


Become a Consultant – If you fall in love with Lularoe like I did and you decide you would also like to become a consultant, consider joining Team Adventures of a Lularoe Addict! I have a private section of my blog dedicated to you – it will give you a step-by-step guide to starting and growing your business, from someone who is currently going through the whole process. I will also help promote your business any way I can. Eventually, I hope to have weekly multi-consultant Team Adventures of a Lularoe Addict sales…so that customers can shop tons of inventory from one place 😃 If you’re considering becoming a consultant and would like more information, feel free to e-mail me. I will be completely transparent. If this works for me, I want it to work for anyone that wants it.


Let's do this together! 😃
Let’s do this together! 😃

Until my next delivery ❤

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