10 Reasons to Hate a Nurse’s Schedule


One of my dearest friends is a teacher. The other day, after a long day of work, she mentioned to me how great it must be to only work three days of week. Um, our schedule is kind of great and kind of not, all at the same time!

10 Reasons to Hate a Nurse’s Schedule

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I have always thought the nurse’s uniforms were really pretty. After reading through this I am so glad the idea of being a nurse never crossed my mind. I would not have managed to sail through any of the things you listed!
Keep doing great all the same, minus all the setbacks I am sure it is all worth it in the end. :)

Don Charisma

I’ve nothing but praise for most of the nurses I’ve encountered when I’ve been at hospital ill myself, or being there for a loved one… they took very good care of my loved ones and I, and supported through some anxious times … and yeah those long shifts that turn into longer shifts really suck !



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